bulk edible liquid transportation

Bulk Liquid Edible Transportation

Bulk Liquid Edible Transportation

Vedder leads the liquid edible bulk food-grade industry with modern solutions and technology. Whether it is transporting over one million litres of raw milk every day from local dairy farms to the processing plants or moving multiple loads of canola oil, juice, and spirits across North America, Vedder is the industry leader.
bulk liquid truck

Our quality control standards are the highest in the industry

Ultra-light tractors and low-tare weight trailers reduce your freight costs by hauling the maximum payload possible. Vedder modern pump-equipped, and fuel-efficient vehicles incorporate the newest developments in transportation technology including satellite communications and GPS tracking. Many of our tankers have “in-transit heat” systems (if required) while all our tank trailers are washed at certified food-grade washing stations to assure sterilization of the tank, hoses, valves, and pumps before each new load. You will find that our quality control standards are the highest in the industry. In addition to these benefits, our facilities and equipment are organic and Kosher certified.

Combining dedicated equipment with specialized skills

Vedder combines dedicated equipment along with specialized skills to meet the stringent requirements of manufacturers and their customers. This includes absolute contamination prevention, extensive prior products restrictions, state-of-the-art wash facilities, and extensive record and tracking capabilities.