Accessibility Plan

Accessibility Plan – The Vedder Transportation Group

(Vedder Transport Ltd. / Vedder Resources Ltd. / Can-Am West Carriers Inc. / B. Reimer Trucking (Alberta) Ltd.)

Accessibility Plan:

The Accessible Canada Act and the Accessible Canada Regulations requires that all federally regulated companies prepare and publish accessibility plans on how they will remove barriers to make their organizations more accessible by 2040.

This is The Vedder Transportation Group’s first Accessibility Plan. This plan will outline our strategies and commitments to identify and remove barriers for accessibility as outlined in the ACT.

Accessibility Statement:

Our company has a strong commitment to employment equity and accessibility. The company commits to maintain open lines of communication at every level with all our employees to ensure we hear, acknowledge, and accommodate all accessibility needs. This process will also be followed for any updates made to this plan.

The Vedder Transportation Group will adhere to all requirements in the development and ongoing updates of this and future accessibility plans.


The Vedder Transportation Group encourages all current employees with disabilities to have conversations with their immediate supervisor and let them know of any accommodation that can be made to make their workplace better.

The Vedder Transportation Group is committed improving workplace accessibility and maintaining accessible recruitment for all new applicants with disabilities to ensure we maintain a diverse culture within our organization.

The Vedder Transportation Group is committed to continuing to work with the company’s equity coordinator, OH&S Committee, and Human Resources Department to develop new or revise any potential changes needed related to training, tools, additional resources, and staffing requirements to ensure we are fully accessible and inclusive.

Built Environment:

Vedder Transport will work to ensure that we are able to accommodate and facilitate barrier-free access to our facilities. Vedder Transport is committed to consulting and incorporating feedback of persons with disabilities who access our facilities.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT):

Vedder Transport will ensure all new systems and applications are accessible for all employees and any external users. The Vedder Transportation Group will continue to consult with our IT team to ensure all existing IT systems are assessed and areas of potential improvement are identified.

Communication, other that ICT:

The Vedder Transportation Group will continue to ensure we offer barrier-free communications for all employees and applicants including virtual meetings, accessible documents, and accessible formats. A variety of platforms are used for improved accessibility.

The Procurement of Goods, Services and Facilities:

The Vedder Transportation Group will ensure third party carriers and contractor(s) have accessibility throughout all training, procurement, and information sessions. All accessibility recommendations by contractor(s) or third-party carries will be considered.

Design and Delivery of Programs and Services:

The Vedder Transportation Group will continue to communicate with customers and contractors that have disabilities to ensure their disability is considered and accommodations can be made.


The Vedder Transportation Group has no transportation modifications related to accessibility. Appropriate accommodations can be made where an employee requires accessibility features to operate a company vehicle. However, any potential modifications made for employees, will need to be in compliance with the Department of Transportation Regulations.


The Vedder Transportation Group is committed to ensure our environment is accessible to all. This Accessibility Plan was developed by OH&S Committee, equity coordinator, and Human Resources Management Team in consultation with employees, including those with disabilities. This includes verbal discussions with employees with disabilities.


The Vedder Transportation Group welcomes all feedback regarding our accessibility plan an any potential barriers for persons with disabilities. Feedback forms and other methods of providing feedback verbally or in writing are available. All feedback will be acknowledged, and any resulting actions will be documented and confirmed.


For inquiries about this plan please contact the Payroll Manager / Human Resources, The Vedder Transportation Group.

Feedback can be submitted as follows:

By Mail: The Vedder Transportation Group
PO Box 3200
Abbotsford, BC
V2S 4P4


Toll Free: 1-800-661-8883

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